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Sunday, February 22, 2009
Six Words on Elder Caregiving
Mom loved me. I loved Mom.

    Surely by now you've heard of Six Word Memoirs and the companion book recently published, Not Quite What I Was Planning.

Fighting for who you are now.

    I won't waste words, here, explaining the book. I haven't read it, although I understand a copy is on its way to me. I expect to love it. To give you an idea of what the book contains, here's a link to NPR's six-word memoir experiment, in which they invited readers to publish six word memoirs in the comment section of one of their blog posts.

You needing me to want you.

    As you can see from my six-word statements interspersed throughout this post, the exercise of succinct, pithy linguistic thinking is addictive. You can't write just one.

Smell of life. Smell of death.

    That's what gave me the idea to open up a post to my readers, inviting each of you to leave comments here containing your Six Words on Elder Caregiving. I decided to narrow the scope to Elder Caregiving, since that's what I did and that's a large part of what my journals are about. So, I invite you to write and publish as many, or as few, as you want; straightforward, oblique, just go for it. If you have trouble with the comment facility, email me with your contributions and I'll set up a separate post for publishing those. It will be understood that you will retain the copyright to your work, whether you acknowledge yourself or tag your contribution as anonymous. In order to make sure you can continue to find this post as it works its way down and into the archives, I'll publish a link to it over in the Special Posts section to the right. If I end up with a separate post of emailed contributions, I'll post that location over there, too.

[no] yes no [yes] [no yes]

    Don't consider yourself out of the running (although this isn't a contest) if you think you've never been an elder caregiver. Trust me...if you've ever known An Ancient One, ever loved An Ancient One, ever been interested in An Ancient One's life, you've given care to An Ancient One.

What time is it? It's timeless.
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