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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Official Sleep Average Report:

    Although I published a 10 day Sleep Average report on 9/14/08, 10 days does not a trend show. I decided, last night, to see what I could do with all the data I've stored on her sleeping since 9/4/08. Turns out I was able to compare two 34 day periods, through yesterday. The report is here.
Observations from Report Data:  Although there is a very slight decrease in awake time (the figures in red) from the first period to the second, I think there are more cogent points to be noted:
  • Not only has the Longest Awake Day decreased by a half hour, the Shortest Awake Day has decreased significantly. Both of her Sleep Days (10/11/08 & 10/26/08) fell in the second 34 Day Period, as well. Neither of her Sleep Days occurred when she was having serious health issues, although I thought, erroneously, that the second one was prefiguring her third bout of pneumonia (which, thankfully, hasn't yet happened).
  • Aside from having no days, during the first period, that I would refer to as Sleep Days, she also had two days when she was awake for 11 hours. She had no such days during the second period.
  • In addition, and surprisingly, the number of days she was up for 9 or more hours increased by two and the number of days she was up for less than 9 hours decreased by two.
    So, it'll be interesting to me to see how her sleep quotient develops over the next period. Since I've arbitrarily set the first two periods at 34 days, I'll plan my next report to cover 11/12/08 - 12/15/08.


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