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Monday, December 1, 2008

BM Partial Stat Day:

AM Blood Glucose:
    Time:  1509
    Reading:  194
AM 60" Dig Temp:
    Not taken

PM Blood Glucose:
    Not taken

Medication Changes:
  • 200 mg ibuprofen at breakfast for general purposes and a feeling of "aching all over"
  • 500 mg acetaminophen with dinner for same feeling as above
  • 3rd breathing treatment was accidentally given an hour early; somewhere during the evening I booted myself up into yesterday evening and counted the hours down wrong
  • 10 mg furosemide for continued (a couple of days) and rapid (today) feet and leg swelling
    Bowel Movement:Occurred at 1445, during bathing. Excellent volume; fair consistency, turds were large and hard; surprisingly easy elimination; easy clean-up
    Dinner:  Tuna fish salad sandwich on toasted Multigrain bread
  • Awake at 1400
  • Down for nap at 1600
  • Up from nap at 2100
  • Down for night at 0100
  • Awake 8 hours


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