Mom's Daily Tests & Meds: 2004 - 2006

Daily postings of Mom's in-home tests, administered medications, food eaten and the relationship among the three and her life.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Today's Stats:

BM Breakfast
Blood Glucose:
    Time:  1110
    Reading:  105
Blood Pressure:
    Time:  1110
    BP:  119/61
    Pulse:  71

    These were taken after she'd been relaxing on the toilet, naked, in the sauna hot bathroom for about 10 minutes. Nice readings. No, I didn't give her a 3rd lisinopril/2.5 mg.
    I did, this morning, give her one extra strength acetaminophen. She was actually complainin about her knees bothering her. Sometimes, even when I can tell they're sensitive, she'll tell me, point blank, that they aren't bothering her. Funny what one gets used to after being around 87+ years.
    We had a normal breakfast with a new homemade bread, Russian Kulich, which includes an egg in the dough, almond flavoring, chopped dried cranberries and chopped macadamia nuts. A little more sugar, too, than usual.     Her Bowel Movement occurred at about 1130. I think it was the first of at least two. Fair volume; excellent consistency; easy elimination; easy clean-up.
    I picked up rib-eye steaks for our holiday dinner this weekend, whenever we have it. I also need to make a tomato bisquit pie before the tomatoes are too dry to use in it. Although, that might be good. Anyway, I also got a cheesecake and a container of Black Tie Cherries. Half the cheesecake will be covered with Black Tie Cherries. The other half will be covered with my raspberry sauce. I'll sprinkle it with melted chocolate, or even chocolate ganache. maybe we'll have my onion peas in Greek dressing; maybe ham & cheese au gratin. Still need to go to the grocery, though.
    I may serve her Black Tie Cherries for lunch, today. She's still on Levaquin, so she'll be getting that, too.

Blood Glucose:
    Time:  1937
    Reading:  172
Blood Pressure:
    Time:  1937
    BP:  122/61
    Pulse:  65

    Didn't take any lunch stats, today...can't remember why.
    Her high blood glucose is from the Black Tie Cherries I gave her for lunch (probably about 10) along with 11.5 oz V-8 juice, two slices of sharp yellow cheddar cheese and a thin slice of the Russian Kulich bread. Lunch was at 1645; she took a late nap today, wasn't hungry before but was after. So, three hours (or less) later, her system was still blissing out on the Black Tie Cherries. Despite what fruit can do to her blood sugar, she loves fruit and, in season, I like to give it to her. Her blood sugar is not going to suddenly seize her body in a diabetic choke hold...she doesn't have that kind of diabetes and, anyway, she hasn't had it long enough for this to happen. And, the antioxidants, the extra liquid and the pleasure it gives her are all worth it.


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