Mom's Daily Tests & Meds: 2004 - 2006

Daily postings of Mom's in-home tests, administered medications, food eaten and the relationship among the three and her life.

Monday, April 17, 2006

BM Full Stat Day:

A.M. Blood Glucose:
    Time:  1206
    Reading:  117
A.M. Blood Pressure:
    Time:  ?
    BP:  135/53
    Pulse:  61

P.M. Blood Glucose:
    Time:  2047
    Reading:  188
P.M. Blood Pressure:
    Time:  2045
    BP:  125/64
    Pulse:  64

    Believe me, we ate the last of the scones for breakfast tomorrow, so her evening BG should be dropping dramatically from here on out. She's still having ham with her egg, though.
    Lunch was her usual, V-8 juice and peanuts with her second iron capsule.
    We almost had several things for dinner, tonight: The last of the chicken with rice and broccoli, ham and cheese sandwiches, Tuna en Potatoes au Gratin...I started polling Mom about two hours before dinner. Finally, an hour before dinner, she decided that a Just Desserts dinner would be in order, "...then you can freeze the rest of the sweet stuff, I won't want any after tonight."
    I can trust her word. She won't, for quite awhile. It doesn't take much to sugar out my sugar, anymore, which is amazing. If you'd known her during her prime you would have sworn Her Prime Self is a completely different person than Her Ancient Self when it comes to food.
    So, for dinner she got her choice of desserts. She chose Costco's Tiramisu. "I hope this freezes well," she said as she savored it.
    Her Bowel Movement occurred as she was getting ready for bed at 2330: Poor volume; excellent consistency; very easy elimination; very easy clean-up. I'm surprised she is eliminating so regularly, practically every day, sometimes twice a day. It could be the extra iron: This type is manufactured with something that's supposed to "ease digestion", which may mean, ease the last part of digestion. No matter. This is good for her body.
    She was slow and loegy today. As she said when I expressed concern, "[She's] allowed."
    No extra meds today. I almost gave her 10 mg furosemide when I noticed, as I rubbed down her legs in the evening, that her feet were swelling in a way they haven't in a couple of months. But, we both decided to see if she sheds it while she sleeps.
    She was in bed by 2340. Light was out a few minutes before midnight.


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