Mom's Daily Tests & Meds: 2004 - 2006

Daily postings of Mom's in-home tests, administered medications, food eaten and the relationship among the three and her life.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

BM Three Quarter Stat Day:

Blood Glucose:
    Time:  1335
    Reading:  157
A.M. Blood Pressure:
    Time:  1342
    BP:  150/69
    Pulse:  64

P.M. Blood Glucose:
    Time:  2030
    Reading:  155
P.M. Blood Pressure:
    Not taken

    Breakfast: Ham and eggs, 1/2 cranberry scone, no OJ, two 10 mg glipizide tablets.
    Peanuts and coffee.
    Dinner: A croissant, ham, swiss cheese, mustard sandwich. I also gave her two 10 mg glipizide tablets at dinner. And, she received three lisinopril today, one at bedtime. As I recall, she got only two yesterday, which accounts for her high systolic this morning.
    Her Bowel Movement occurred at 1630, just before she laid down for a nap: Fairly Good Volume; excellent consistency; very easy elimination; very easy clean-up.
    She was clearly tired today. I could clearly see this "in her aspect and in her eyes." Little movement, lots of sleep, not prone to pay attention to anything, eyes swollen and itchy, so agitated she didn't even want her hair washed and set.
    She retired early, too. So early that she took me by surprise. She just got up, headed into the bathroom and mentioned over her shoulder, "Well, I'm going to bed." That was at about 2230.
    I scrambled to. In the bathroom I asked her if she wanted her legs rubbed down. Leg rub downs are especially beneficial when she's tired.
    She stared up at me from the toilet seat. Her eyes said, "If you think I'm getting back up, then down, then up again, then down then up once more before I go to bed, you're crazy. "We'll do it tomorrow," she said.
    She was in her bedroom by 2300. Her light went out at 2330.
    I was in bed before midnight, as well.


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