Mom's Daily Tests & Meds: 2004 - 2006

Daily postings of Mom's in-home tests, administered medications, food eaten and the relationship among the three and her life.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Three Quarter Stat Day:

A.M. Blood Glucose:
    Time:  1314
    Reading:  181
A.M. Blood Pressure:
    Time:  1335
    BP:  155/72
    Pulse:  59

P.M. Blood Glucose:
    Time:  2107
    Reading:  134
P.M. Blood Pressure:
    Not taken.

    Breakfast: Normal holiday breakfast. Yes, her BG is high, so I gave her a second 10 mg glipizide tablet.
    Lunch: V-8 juice and peanuts.
    Dinner: A "snack plate" (Mom's choice) with slices of pepper jack cheese, Triscut crackers, bruschetta, and some sliced deli meat.
    Retired at 0045. Light out at 0115.


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