Mom's Daily Tests & Meds: 2004 - 2006

Daily postings of Mom's in-home tests, administered medications, food eaten and the relationship among the three and her life.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

BM Three Quarter Stat Day:

A.M. Blood Glucose:
    Time:  1324
    Reading:  156
A.M. Blood Pressure:
    Time:  1333
    BP:  123/65
    Pulse:  68

P.M. Blood Glucose:
    Time:  2315
    Reading:  233
P.M. Blood Pressure:
    Time:Not taken

    So! I guess the added glipizide yesterday did it's job. I was not at all astonished at her morning BG. I thought it might be a little higher.
    The three 10 mg lisinopril seems to be working well, too. I don't think it'll hurt her for her BP to be a little lower. A diastolic in the 60's is decent, for her age. I need to worry when it starts dropping into the 50's, and keep a close eye on it.
    Breakfast: The Special Christmas Breakfast we didn't have yesterday, with Wildflower Bread Company's excellent cranberry scones (they're more like flaky cranberry short bread); HoneyBaked Ham; one hard over egg, heavily peppered. I left the margarine out beside her plate but she wasn't interested, even when reminded. She's a butter hound and the scones are probably better than 50% butter, so I'm she she caught scent of their fragrance once they were warmed. I told she didn't need to eat it all at once. If she couldn't finish it, I'd save it. She appreciated this, as she told me when she arose that she wasn't "very hungry." Little by little, cranberry by cranberry, though, she ate the entire scone and polished off the rest of her breakfast, besides. She didn't have O.J. because of the scone, so her Detox tea went with her breakfast.
    She professed, from the time she arose, to feeling, "just fine," getting irritated with my repeated questioning. There was Something About Mary, though:
  • Her eyes looked pollution-hung over. I thought one eye might be developing a sty. The first layer of skin was swollen, but not the under tissues. Thus, it didn't take long for the cold wash cloth compress upon which I insisted, this morning, shrunk the bags around her eyes. Her whites remained red, though. I insisted on her OTC eye drops, as well, Opcon A, I think it's called. That helps some, although usually only for about four hours.
  • Although her right leg was showed improvement over yesterday, she carried herself as though her whole body was stiff, which is probably why, when I queried a couple of times if she "hurt", she said no. Finally, I guess, "Stiff?"
        "That's it," she said, grinning, her finger drawing an exclamation point in the air. Before she exited the bathroom, this morning, I gave her two extra 81 mg aspirin.
  • Still, at this time, when I reminded her of her truncated attempt to view The Santa Clause, reminding her that she could watch at her leisure, did she want to, she said yes, and maybe "the other one," too.
    Finally, as I was setting up the movie, she headed into the bathroom, for what she and I both thought would be a bowel movement. As it turns out, she was winding down and announced she was going to take a nap just two and a half hours after she arose (one her own, I was going to give her until 1400) at 1300.
    I'm not sure how long she'll sleep, but I'm not worried. I gave her two 10 mg glipizide pills. That'll keep the high fasting BG this morning and the scone to a low roar. I'll let her lead the way as far as further meals. I'll suggest only if she seems to be fidgeting to eat, which I can tell. She frequently swings her head toward the dinette with a worried look on her face, the way a horse checks on her manger. It's amusing to witness. It's as though she's afraid I'll forget to suggest the upcoming meal.
    Anyway, she's down, now. When I told her I'd let her sleep, within reason (if it get's close to 2000, I'll probably start bothering her), she completely relaxed. Some days, just moving is hard. Takes you by surprise.
    Anyway, I'm keeping a fairly detailed record of yesterday and the next few days, as a way of notating her recovery from The Event, The Visit, The Trip and, hmmm...not sure what else. Oh, yeah, changing her medicine regimen. I may, a few days ahead of today, take her evening BG's for awhile. If I can keep from irritating her. We'll see.

  I can't tell you what got into me, but, when Mom awoke from her nap, around 1600, I decided we needed ice cream. I gave her 10 mg glipizide. And, I think, as I recall, 10 mg lisinopril. Needless to say, she was delighted.
    So, I figured, just for fun, I should take her BG later in the evening when I give her a light, late lunch, and give her yet another glipizide, if necessary, and a third lisinopril. I chickened out taking her BP, though. She seemed like she would be easily agitated.
    Then, while she watched Animal Planet and the oldies channel, can't remember which one that is, without meaning to, sugar blissed, I lay back on the couch to "rest my eyes" at about 1800 and didn't awaken until a few minutes after 2300! That is the one problem with those "cold pills". It takes me an extra day to recover from them. I sure am relaxed, though.
    So, her late lunch occurred at about 2330: Two deviled egg halves, about 10 small pimiento stuffed green olives, oh, and coffee, and her evening pills, and that was it, I think.
    The Bowel Movement occurred just before her nap: Good volume; excellent consistency; very easy elimination; very easy clean-up.
    When she awoke from her nap, I remember thinking that she didn't seem all that stiff, anymore, maybe the aspirin did some good. Then, she faltered a bit to the right lowering herself to the chair. I resisted the urge to offer more aspirin because she didn't groan, it just surprised her.
    She remained stationary throughout the evening, as far as I know. I think she made one trip to the bathroom. I was so dead to the world, though, that I didn't hear her pass within three feet of me. I asked her if I snored. She said, "I didn't hear anything."     She retired around 0045, slowly but surely. I had a sudden surge of energy and decided to get tax stuff together and look for my misplaced library card. Then, I ended up here.
    You've noticed, no doubt, that I've begun labeling posts, here. I've set up a label index link in the template over there on the right, below the archives, I think. Hold on...yes. I'm just getting started. I'm looking forward to rereading this journal. I never have. I can only barely remember the numbers it contains. I expect labeling to be straightforward, not nearly so tricky.
    So, I think all went as well as could be expected; better, in some cases. I was pleased to learn that Mom can still allow me to nap, as long as she sees me doing it. Good. I don't think I could have held back from the one that seized me this evening.


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