Essaying the Situation
Monday, August 30, 2004
What if I told you...

=>  ...that when making decisions as caregiver to an Ancient One, any kind of decisions, your most important factor should be your Ancient One's spirit and your least important factor should be your Ancient One's age?

=>  ...that your most important act as caregiver to an Ancient One is to enjoy your Ancient One's companionship?

=>  ...that no one, not even you, has any really valuable advice to offer an Ancient One?

=>  ...that it is better to consider the unalterable changes in your Ancient One's mentality as simply this, changes, rather than declines?

=>  ...that being a companion to an Ancient One requires the ability to live in and savor the moment, far beyond the requirements of caring for anyone in any other stage of life?

=>  ...that if you acknowledge your behavior and "own it", your Ancient One is more likely to accept your suggestions, determinations, the stuff of your life separate from hers, even your mistakes, even and especially when your Ancient One disagrees with you?

=>  ...that you should never underestimate your Ancient One's ability to develop, nor should you overestimate your Ancient One's apparent "decline"?

=>  ...that if you allow yourself to love your Ancient One without reservation, yes, you will be subject to intense grief when she dies but you will also be privy to the peak of taste of the final ripening of her fruit and you will know her completed story, including every phrase, word and punctuation mark of its last sentence?
...would you believe me?
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