Friday, March 16, 2007


I just directed myself,

through a comment left on The Tangled Neuron, to a sparkling blog, The Trip Over, published by Don Hayden, who is living with Alzheimer's in his brain, rather than in the brain of a relative. This is not the first blog across which I've stumbled written by someone with dementia. There's something about Don's writing, though, that pulls me into his experience and makes me wonder more deeply about my mother's experience with dementia, as well as wondering forward into the future of my own brain. It's been awhile since I've searched out Alzheimer's online journals, so I can't say whether Don's journal is one of the many or one of the few, but it's definitely one of the intriguing. In a curious way, it also dispels, rather than heightens, fears about developing and/or dealing with dementia. I'll be adding it to my list of Honorable Alzheimer's Blogs to the right.
    Thanks, Don. Because I don't deal with Alzheimer's and my journal is chiefly about caregiving for and companionating an Ancient One, demented or not, I had come to the end of my personal "Alzheimer's Blog" rope. Your blog has brought me full circle, to a new beginning regarding my interest in dementia.

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