Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Whoa! Well! I'm pleased to announce...

...that I am finally able to initiate an Honorable Caregiver Blogs section over at the main, current journal. It's on the right in my links section, premiering with a handy-dandy resource, just above the Honorable Alzheimer's Blogs. Mona of The Tangled Neuron just introduced me to an extremely practical blog effort, GearAbility, authored by marty. It features posts about dealing with the accoutrements of caregiving and includes reviews, evaluation processes, marty's personal ruminations as her dad's caregiver in regard to the products mentioned, the circumstances they might address and outbound links to almost everything mentioned. My favorite post, so far, is the most recent, as it discusses a common problem, one I've experienced, seducing the reluctant Ancient One into therapeutic play. Another about coloring books for adults caught my eye, as well, since the paint-by-number sets MFS sent us seem to be problematic for my mother, even when I substitute blank canvas for the numbered ones; something about the challenge of having to consider several tools and processes at once, I think, and, she has a tendency to obsess about the possible mess. I'm pleased to be reminded that coloring books for adults exist and might be a viable alternative to painting. Further, I feel silly that I didn't think of this. It's always enlightening to look at it from someone else's perspective.
    A belated welcome, marty, to the caregiver blog genre. Very unique, useful and well written addition!

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