Monday, April 16, 2007


I'm doing a little maintenance today...

...although, no, I'm not yet catching up on previously promised posts. I'm hoping to get some of that in later today and tomorrow.
    This first maintenance task is adding clickable asterisks to the outgoing links listed in Honorable Caregiver Blogs and Honorable Alzheimer's Blogs, to the right. These links will take you to the my introductions to these blogs, in case you want to know what they're about before heading over to the sites.
    I notice that there are two blogs listed in these sections which I neglected to introduce. One of them, My Mother's Journey, was completed on the day that would have been Bailey's mother's next birthday, which occurred a few days after her mother died. This journal is an unflinching account of Bailey's in-home journey with her mother up to the time of her mother's death. There is some particularly good stuff in the latter posts about the realities of hospice care. Aside from being well written (as these journals always are), it is complete, a good source for anyone who wonders not only how the journey begins, but how it ends.
    I can't imagine why I never wrote an introduction to that one. Maybe I did but I just can't find it. The other one to which I never wrote an introduction is The Unforgettable Fund Blog. I know why I never wrote an intro to this one. Mentioning it has become so ubiquitous here that I felt as though I had. This blog is sort of an all in one effort. It is, first, the official blog of The Unforgettable Fund, a home-grown charity which collects for donations for Alzheimer's research. It includes updates on collection of funds, updates on research, posts regarding the originator's experiences as she helped care for her father, who had Alzheimer's, posts designed to help solicit funds for research, guest hosts, the kitchen sink...oops, no, not that, but, you get the idea. The author, Patty McNally Doherty, is also a frequent and loquacious commenter on several of the other blogs listed in my links sections. Much can be learned from searching for her comments, which are usually published under her complete name.
    A couple of the blog authors for Dementia Blues and The Yellow Wallpaper, are posting infrequently, now, since their mothers have entered facility care. Their latest posts would be interesting to readers who are considering or have established facility care for someone with Alzheimer's. One blog, Alzheimer's - The Carer's View seems to be on a long hiatus. Nonetheless, regardless of whether and how often the authors are writing, these blogs remain online and are valuable sources for information.
    Anyway, within the next several minutes (probably several, several minutes, considering how long it takes to publish template changes here), those asterisks will be available to my readers, as well as an explanation of what will happen if you link into them.

Originally posted by Patty McNally Doherty: Mon Apr 16, 08:45:00 PM 2007

Dear Gail,

I can't tell you how flattered I am by your description of The Unforgettable Fund. When someone asks me for a mission statement, I may just refer them to your post.

Thank you for every one of your words, they speak volumes.

If there was a way I could think of to enlist the kitchen sink to fight Alzheimer's, I would. It just hasn't come to me yet.
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