Friday, August 31, 2007


A community member at Daily Strength...

...who is a caregiver and continuing her education online wrote an essay for a composition class that contains some interesting information about caregiving in the U.S. and other countries and cultures. She mentions that it's a rough draft, but this aspect is easily ignored in favor of the information and speculations it contains, and it cites references. The link to it is here. You do not need to be a community member to access it.

Originally posted by Patty McNally Doherty: Mon Sep 03, 06:21:00 AM 2007

Really interesting stuff. I, too, would like to read this when it's final. Can you post it on your site when you're done?

By the way, The Unforgettable Fund website is being redesigned. It's going to have a "share an answer" page. Each week, we're going to ask a question and gather answers from our readers. I hope you'll stop by and lend your incredible wealth of information with us. You have such a talent for making the impossible appear doable AND even enjoyable.

I've never read about the battle of the bowels in such an illuminating, honest way. With so many people dealing with incontinence, I'm surprised there isn't a how-to guide available for different techniques to address the issue. We all know diapers are part of the deal, but just how to get them on and off a sometimes hostile and belligerent wearer is rarely, if ever, discussed. We should change that, no? Thanks for bringing the subject up in your previous post.

Hope all's well.

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