Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Everything changes, truly, thank the gods.

    I've been sliding into a mire of extreme lack of motivation toward my entire life over the last few days. I guess this is yet another hallmark of "Caregiver Burnout". This afternoon I was at the point where I figured I'm here for eternity, now, I'm going to have to figure out how to live with it, or not, if I can't...oooh, I was in a state.
    One of my standards (as in flying a standard) is that, regardless, I always do the minimum, whatever that is. One of these minimums is that if I don't think I have it in me to report in any of my journals, even The Dailies, I always check in on my websites at least once a day, just to see how few people are visiting my sites. Late this afternoon I decided to confront myself online and was met with an informal blessing through the two comments on the immediately preceding post: The Yellow Wallpaper. It's a journal by another single woman who is taking care of her mother who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. Those of you who've read me fairly well know that I don't spend a lot of time on the web doing more than writing in my journals or doing research on my mother's behalf. You also know that although I occasionally recommend sites, I've never recommended a caregiving blog and I never include anything but inbound addresses in my links to the right. I was so impressed with The Yellow Wallpaper, though, that I created a special section for it within my links.
    The writer of this journal is articulate, thoughtful, excrutiatingly honest, an excellent writer and much, much more prone to edit her thoughts, experiences and writing before publishing a post than I. Her mother's dementia is Alzheimer's rather than my own mother's vascular dementia, so her mother's dementia is a different turn of mind than my mother's; although the writer is a single daughter she retains her own residence although she lives with her mother, works, is going to school and has the support of a sister. As well, her mother is a bit more independent, at the moment, than mine, but from reading the daughter's journal I can tell that this won't be true for long. The writer still feels able to pursue time and activities of and on her own. She is successfully dabbling with visiting care for her mother. She isn't comfortable about the eventuality of assisted living for her mother but bravely confronts the possibility, both from her own and her mother's point of view. She is as brazen as me about recording "bad" days and moments. Her and her mother's journey is different than my mother's and mine for several reasons, yet I sense that our roads are parallel and I'm pleased that each of us has looked up and over, noticed the other and waved, "Hello".
    I read through her entire offering in one sitting. Not only was I impressed but encouraged enough to stand on tiptoe and attempt to see over the edge of my mire. I enthusiastically recommend The Yellow Wallpaper for those of you who visit here because of an interest in caregiving [yes, I read the search queries that bring up this site and am endlessly amused and amazed at how many people world wide are searching out "mom hot fuck sex pussy eat" or some derivation thereof; Oedipus lives, I guess] and an affinity for my style of reporting. You won't be disappointed.

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