Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Ai! I did it again!

    I decided, yet again, to put off awakening my mother today...although, it's not so bad, today. Her light didn't go off until just before 0100 this morning.
    I wanted to read through the journal posted by my last commenter, Karma. She is a young woman who is struggling with being a caregiver to a mother who was recently moved to the Alzheimer's wing of a nursing home from her own home AND doing this long distance while working hard to establish her chosen career AND make decisions about how to find a life partner and create her own family. One of the reasons I find this journal interesting is because it is not by a baby boomer. Her parents, though, are on the elder end of the baby boomer generation, thus, this is about boomer children taking care of boomers. Thank the gods. It's important that the world know that it isn't "just" us baby boomers who are dealing with caregiving to extended family, especially parents and grandparents. As well, reading this journal is like peaking into our boomer future.
    So, I'm on to awakening my mother for the day. We'll probably be gearing toward a blood draw tomorrow. Mom has nixed the idea for the last few days but mentioned last night, when I told her what the day of the week was, that "Thursday sounds good." I'm not sure why she felt this, except that "tomorrow" probably didn't sound so good, regardless of the day of the week.

originally posted by Karma: Sun May 20, 01:57:00 PM 2007

I'm just noticing this. Thanks Gail :)
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