Thursday, July 20, 2006


One more thing, while I have a few more minutes:

    Please note, to the right in the Honorable Caregiver Blogs section, three more caregiver journals, all of which I've read, all of which I intend to follow, all of which are excellent and highlight, with literacy and honesty, different aspects of caregiving for an Ancient One. The author of Alzheimers - The Carer's View, Patricia Howitt of New Zealand (her journal is particularly interesting to me because it confirms that much of what we caregivers endure is not dependent on the nation in which we live; it's global) recently wrote the following to me, which is an excellent reason for caregivers who are reporting their journeys online to interconnect with one another through mutual linking:
...building strong internet bonds between those of us who are "out there" is a really good way to start the process of caregiver empowerment! The more we are interlinked the easier it is for the spiders to find us and place a premium on our listings.
    I must confess, I'd not thought of this. It's possible that I'm the only caregiver, in the small but growing group of caregivers with whom I'm beginning to identify, who didn't know this or figure it out. Nonetheless, it's good for us caregivers to keep this in mind, whether it's old or new information.
    As well, the author of The Tangled Neuron sent out an e, today, listing four Alzheimer's caregiver blogs that are gathered at the following site on the page connected to the following address: Alzheimer's Disease Information. I'm pleased to note that a commericial organization dealing with Alzheimer's is noticing the value of the direct caregiver's perspective. I'll be adding this link to my outgoing links section shortly.

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