Wednesday, September 13, 2006


We're home...

...the trip was successful beyond my wildest imaginings, Mom had a great time, so did I and both of us are pleasantly exhausted. Her light went off a few minutes ago at 0012. I will be following suit, shortly, when the first load of drying ends and I'm able to start the second load, with all other house lights, including my own. I want to post some reminders to myself, though, so I'll remember what I want to write about here:    I think that's it. Serendipitously, I also just heard the dryer clicking off. Reminders unrelated to the above reminders:    Huge, satisfied sigh.

originally posted by Deb Peterson: Wed Sep 13, 07:09:00 PM 2006

Gail--Glad you had a great time and I'm looking forward to reading about any of your trip topics (but especially the cats vs. dogs debate)!!!
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