Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I've decided that today...

...will not be our "outing" day. Considering the combination of allowing myself to sleep in after last night lasting through almost 0300 this morning, Mom staying up almost as long as I did and the very cool, very windy weather today, with occasional dark clouds on the horizon, I don't think she'll be upset with my decision. Although she may not remember her plan, I'll remind her, just to keep it uppermost in her mind so that when the right day arrives she'll be up for it. And, I'll apologize for trumping her desire. I don't think she'll mind, though. I think the apparent "weather", and the chance to sleep in (I don't know how long, yet today, I'll extend this) will allow her to accept my decision with equanimity.
    I've been a little "off" this morning (shouldn't surprise me), so I've been busily attending to end-of-month business, placing some orders for supplies we use that are significantly cheaper to buy online and was so overcome by "the business me" that I'm getting a jump start on Mom's end-of-the-year tax business. This may so astonish her CPA that he'll have another heart attack!
    I expect today to be low-key. We didn't walker yesterday, though, so I may try to engineer an in-house session. Then again...
    Mom mentioned, though, yesterday, probably provoked by the rain, "Isn't it about time for us to start baking?" She's referring, of course, to seasonal baking: very gingery date bread; dried cherry, toasted almond egg nog bread; muffins for freezing; fruitcakes and holiday cookies a little later; meat pot pies for freezing; time to start using our bread machine to supply us with daily bread, rather than buying it...
    ...must be, I guess.

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