Friday, November 3, 2006


Got a much appreciated comment, today...

...on the immediately previous post with some much needed cautions on bulb plants. Since the comment focused on our problems with javelina, my curiosity caused me to search her web moniker. Sure enough, up came a couple of sites, one, in particular, that might be of interested to my readers: Walking Prescott. I'm smiling as I recall my scan through it. It's a delightful, idiosyncratic tour of "Everyone's Hometown," "Christmas City, Arizona", "First Capital of Arizona", the official name of the Christmas card in which Mom and I live: Prescott, Arizona. I haven't read through the entire site, yet, although I will. I've gone through the pictures, though, and they are eccentric and delightful, very representative of what it's like to live here, geared to a resident's walker's eye view of Prescott, the walker being Granny J. Prescott is a mountain city-town full of walkers, so her journal presents a more appropriate view of Prescott than professional PR sites. As well, in her response to an e I sent to her earlier today (which contained even more valuable tips for bulb success, thank you again, Granny J), she mentioned that she has a Mom, too, 103, the "wonder woman" of the assisted living facility in which she now resides here in Prescott, whom she tells me she mentions in her blog, which further whets my appetite.
    I'm going to link this to my Special Posts section, too.
    Anyway, got a pharmacy run to make during Mom's upcoming nap. Better snap to.

Originally posted by Patty Doherty: Fri Nov 03, 05:54:00 PM 2006

What a wonderful site, Granny J's. It gave me a great idea. How much more valuable a "walking tour" of any city would be when undertaken by a resident. I think I'll do the same for my fair city, Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Thank you so much for sharing this great "tour" with us.

Originally posted by Granny J: Sat Nov 04, 12:42:00 AM 2006

Wow! Such kind words from someone who knows the town! As you can tell, I do love the place, even though I have long-ago childhood memories of swimming one time at the old pool in Granite Dells! So much, too much has changed. That's why I like living downtown -- I don't have to watch the developments chew up our beautiful land!
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