Thursday, May 3, 2001


Who Where - To LTF

    I called MPS this afternoon to let her know MFS was coming to visit soon. MPS told me that last night (I was gone for about 4 hours) my mother called her just to talk. [I know my mother often calls 'around', relatives and such, when I'm gone. I always ask her, whenever I return home, if anyone's called or if she's called anyone but I almost always find out about these calls days later from the other participant because plans have been made and my mother sounded so rational, aware and alert that the participant thought nothing of making plans with her, 'knowing' they would get back to me. For that reason I have censored our phone list down to a necessary minimum.] While they were catching up my mother announced the good news that I was moving back here from Seattle and coming to live with her. MPS said Mom was very excited. I told her, good, then, things would go well when I get here.
    I guess I'm still Gwyneth Gillette. I have no complaints but, still, I look forward to the time when I will be me, here, or where ever I am, again. I was, for awhile last night but my mother is still entwined with me where ever I go. It's not unpleasant. It leaves me thoughtful. Sometimes at the wrong time.
    A day of confronting identity.

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