Saturday, December 1, 2001


Brief consideration... - To MLDL

How would you feel if I was your geisha, if I gave myself a year to figure out a way to ply my talents and make money to be with you where you are, to set up another situation with my mother (which can be arranged, there is another daughter who tells me she would gladly take her in; it's just that it would mean moving my mother's home to Florida, probably, which would be a significant change for my mother). I have the same concerns about my mother that you do. A change might do all of us some good, especially if I was able to make the change come to fruition through my own directed efforts. I would not suddenly stop my business enterprises and writing, etc., so I would not only be able to pretty much keep myself...I would be able to travel and spend significant amounts of time with my mother, perhaps even enhance her financial situation, and be your geisha, always, your geisha, MLDL...well, think about it.

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